Welcome to  
Wealth at the Well
A Retreat to Amplify Your 
Wealth, Business and Well-being 

Wealth at the Well Retreat
Equips Female Business Leaders

With Bold Access 
To Wealth And Well-Being 

Wealth at the Well Retreat 
is a safe haven curated to help high-achieving women, 
relax, refresh, reset and re-launch a purpose-filled life 
that is authentic, joyful and filled with wealth!

Are You Overworked, Overstretched & Overwhelmed Yet 
Under-living as a Business Leader/Female Founder in Your Mid-life?

"How can I find a Purpose-filled Path to Wealth and Well-being?" 

​I am 35+, a busy mom yet I work dusk to dawn chasing success in my work/business without a strategic wealth plan in sight.

I continuously sacrifice my energy and time to maintain my marriage and my household.

To be honest, I am very afraid that 'work/life balance', 'wealth', and 'purposeful living" are elusive. 

I know I need to leave my mark, fiercely fight fear and build generational wealth but how?

No More Doubt. No More Confusion. 

You Were Created to Live an Abundant Life, Build Great Things and 
Leave an Impactful Legacy.

Wealth at the Well 
Is a Retreat For Business Leaders and Female Founders 
That Need 
 to reflect and Reset 
into a powerful, purpose-filled life of wealth and well-being.
  • Master how to make your money make you money & Maximize all your money makers.
  • Mine your strengths and make momentum leaps to buy back time
  •  Get CLARITY about your current barriers and tools to unlock the next phase in your entrepreneurial and professional pursuits.
  • PIVOT your mindset from income/cashflow/expenditure to wealth and abundance
  • RENEW your purpose-filled vision and master tools to achieve your mission.
  • Discover how to DREAM again
  • COURAGEOUSLY achieve deferred dreams and start making life-changing decisions for yourself, family and future generations
  • Revive your vitality and enjoy a rejuvenating sensory experience in a serene environment
  • Master how to ditch doubt, fight fear, and obliterate obstacles so that you can commit to building your biggest business dreams
Wealth At The Well Retreat Presents 
Retreat in Kenya May 1st - May 5th 2023

1. Wealth Coaching 

Let's Get Your Wealth Unstuck!

Does discussing money and financial security cause your heart to palpitate?
Are you making money but find that you are keeping very little of it?
Would you like to thrive financially and use what you have to create more wealth?

It's time to upshift into a new level of wealth. Come master tools to help you understand your wealth approach, co-design your abundance algorithm and unleash generational wealth transfer.

2. Business Coaching

Let's Get Your Business Unstuck!

Participate in our numerous strategy sessions to assess the current state of your work/business, harness your life experiences to amplify creation of work that you enjoy building and that the market will pay for, identify multiple income streams using the Money Mountain (c) strategy, unleash your superpowers and strengths, master how to work from the unforced rhythm of wealth, and fully embrace the commercial giant in you.

These coaching sessions are for everyone regardless of stage of their business.

3. Life Coaching 

Let's Get You Life Unstuck!

Start walking and working in your true identity and core purpose to unlock the art and science behind making impactful decisions, start dreaming your current and next season in detail  joyfully executing your goals, ditching doubt and imposter syndrome, fighting fear and distractions, and attaining the seemingly  elusive work/life balance.

We use practical and evidence-based tools to help you discover how to live in your highest power NOW!  

4. Safari

Welcome to Kenya's not-so-well-kept secret! 

Embrace the diversity in Africa's majestic "Big-5" as you witness firsthand the therapeutic powers of lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, leopards at the safely guarded National Park. Feed a towering giraffe and watch as baby elephants feed and play.

5. Spa

As women, we are always last on our own lists! 

We pour into others first and then give to ourselves whatever is left over, if anything! It's time to replenish. Come heal your mind and body through a relaxing massage and discussions about nutrition and well-being that soothes your physical, mental, spiritual self. Enhance your experience with a relaxing spa service that combines exotic Arabic and African oils and scents that are tailored to release the stubborn knots and tensions in your body. 

6. Sun-kissed Beach

Stretch your toes into the warmest Ocean in the world.

Kenya's proximity to the Indian Ocean offers unparalleled relaxing basins filled with sun, sand and adventure. Choose to horse-back riding, snorkeling, glass-boat sailing or just relax  by the shores and watch the ebbs and flows of the Indian Ocean as it mimics the seasons of womanhood. We curate your adventure with numerous options.

7. Networking

Participate in the Power of Proximity!

The Power of Proximity lies in being around and exchanging with growth-minded individuals. We have curated powerful networking events that are sure to expand your knowledge, skills and abilities. Expand who you know and who really knows you. 

8. Photoshoot

It's time for a new you!

Let's put a fresh and powerful face forward. With our glam team of photographers, videographers, stylists and make-up artists, let's birth a fresh representation of you in your business, professional and personal networks. Kenya's diverse landscape with lush gardens and coastal regions begs your presence for you to shine in this new season.

9. Shopping 

And much More...

Spend time alone or in groups exploring all that Nairobi and the Coast has to offer. 
We are curating mini-activities to explore life in the metropolitan and relaxing cities in Kenya. Come explore fine-dining, photography, movement activities, and more. Kenya awaits ALL of your senses. 

Come to the Wealth at the Well Retreat, Enhance Your Well-being and Extend Your Lifespan

Wealth at the Well Packages - Which Works For You?

Amethyst Package 
$ 4,500

  • ​Flights: local flight from Nairobi to Coast
  • ​Accommodation: 5-night stay in Luxurious 4 & 5-star hotels/villas in Nairobi and the Coasts of Kenya
  • Coaching : All Wealth, Business, and Life Group-Coaching Activities
  • Safari and Sun-kissed Beach: Rejuvenate your senses in Kenya's serene environments 
  • Spa: Relax with a mind/body shift
  • ​Networking: Networking Cocktail with like-minded high-achievers
  • Photoshoot: Recharge with a new outlook for your professional and personal pursuits
  • Gift Bag: Curated products and services to maintain the wealth at the well growth mindset
  • ​And Much More...

Ruby Package 
$ 6,000

  • ​Same package elements as Full Package 
  • ​AND...
  • Coaching : Exclusive one-on-one Wealth, Business, and Life Coaching Activities
  • Spa: Additional Spa treats to unlock full relaxation
  • Photoshoot: Personalized strategic  photoshoot mood boards Recharge with a new outlook for your professional and personal pursuits
  • Gift Bag: Exceptional and exclusive products and services to maintain the wealth at the well growth mindset
  • ​And Much More...

Local Package 
$ 1,250

  •  Already in Nairobi? 
  • ​Coaching: Daily Wealth, Business and Life coaching Activities
  • ​Networking: Networking Cocktail with like-minded high-achievers
  • ​​Gift Bag: Curated products and services to maintain the wealth at the well growth mindset
  • ​And Much More ...

Answers to Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions...

We welcome more questions via email host@wealthwomanwell.com 

When is the next Wealth at the Well retreat?
We are glad to announce that the next Wealth at the Well Retreat is in Kenya, May 1st - May 5th 2023. We have packages for those traveling there and those already in Kenya. Our packages include local flight (from nairobi to Coast), accomodation, coaching sessions, photoshoot, and lots of adventure (Safari, sun-Kissed beach etc). We are honored to have you join us. 
What is included in the package costs?
The Wealth at the Well Retreat cost includes-
- Daily Coaching 'sessions (Wealth, Business, Well-Being)
- Local travel from Kenya to the Coast (flight and airport transfers)
- Accommodation for May 1st - May 5th 2023 at 5-star facilities
- 3 meals and snacks daily 
- Photoshoot sessions in Nairobi and the Coast (details will be shared via email)
- Safari fees and safari truck for National Park
- Entrance fees and transportation to adventures (Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Center)
- Gift bags 

The Wealth at the Well Retreat cost DOES NOT include-
- International flights to arrive into Kenya
- Costs associated with Passports/Visa/Permits or other travel needs
- Vaccines or insurance related to traveling
- Food or beverages individually consumed (i.e not offered as part of the group package)
- Hotel room incidentals (laundry, dry-cleaning, mini-bar etc)
- Transportation or fees for individual trips
- Goods or services bought for personal consumption (e.g. shopping or souvenirs) 
- Extending the number, types of shots or props in the photoshoot/videography
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we do. We appreciate the need to plan for expenses. Kindly pick the 3-part payment plan (where you can split the total costs into 3 equal monthly payments) at check-out. We welcome you to also email us at wealthwomanwell@gmail.com. Talk soon!
What are the various Wealth at the Well packages?
 - Book the traditional package (Amethyst) for a double-occupancy room (i.e room share) for your stay in Kenya. 
 - Book a VIP package (Ruby) if you want extended and exclusive individualized coaching time with the Wealth at the Well Hosts, You will also have your own hotel room and a VIP gift bag with additional items.
 - Book local package if you reside in kenya and do not need international flight or hotel rooms, transfers etc. You will join us for daily sessions in Nairobi and travel to the Coast with us.
How do I participate at the Wealth at the Well?
1) Review this website in detail
2) Make your payment 
3) Receive your welcome email with next steps (including how to book your welcome strategy call)
4) See you in Kenya
What do I need to travel to Kenya?
To join us in Kenya you need a valid international passport that does not expire before November 2023 and that has extra blank pages. 
Visa requirements based on country of origin can be assessed here. We can also provide contact information for travel agents to ease planning. 
I have more questions. How can I reach you?
We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at host@wealthwomanwell.com

Meet Your Hosts ...

Hi, I'm Dr Bola Tafawa... 
I am a Multi-faceted Maverick! With my Harvard-PhD, I spent decades leading corporate, governmental, civic/non-government organizations and academic teams to flourish through torrential storms and strategically rebuild their brands and businesses. I have worked in various sectors (including health, communications, agriculture, real-estate, education, and finance) across many countries in 3 Continents. 

I've often worked in #1 units- including- a Top financial institution in East Africa, one of the top 3 global Marketing firms, a top health advising unit to the U.S. President, Board Director as the highest private sector advisor to the Kenyan President. 

But COVID-19 shifted my attention from diseases to well-being.
After an intense training to be  Executive Leadership Coach, I started MzimaLife to equip high-achieving yet under-living female business leaders and Mompreneurs to fight fear and courageously build the (deferred) dreams in their God-given purpose-path, so they can live an abundant life - a MzimaLife.

*Mzima means “Abundance” and “Wholesome” in Swahili, an East-African language, spoken in Kenya, where I lived for a decade with my family. I also spend my time home-schooling my 4 kids as we travel around the world- making my dream life happen.

Hi, I am Hajara Pitan
I am the Founder & Head Coach at The Audacity to Soar Network, a platform through which I offer leadership and wealth coaching. She is also the CEO & Head Chandler at Owambe Candles, a candle and scents making company, where she has taught Candlemaking to over 70 women who have mostly gone on to start their businesses and employ other Nigerians. With Owambe Candles, Hajara pioneered the use of custom-made handblown glass picked off the streets of Lagos as vessels for candle making, thereby cleaning up the environment and creating beauty. 

Career: Hajara's past engagements include: General Counsel at Amazon Energy Group, Bechtel LNG Contractors, where she was Requirements Manager on the $16B Brass LNG Project, Arial View Nigeria Limited where she was the Chief Operating Officer and before then, the law firm of Babalakin & Co., where was on the team of advisors to the House of Representatives on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB). 

Leadership Education: Hajara provides leadership training to individuals and teams so that they can maximise their potential and achieve strategic objectives. Further to that, she has studied Organisational Leadership at Harvard Business School Online, attended The EntreLeadership Training by Dave Ramsey (Nashville Tennessee), The Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Conference (London, U.K), Euromoney Training on Project Finance in the Energy Sector (Oslo, Norway), and participated in trainings by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

Hajara brings this wealth of experience to Coaching her Clients on Wealth Creation. 

We welcome you to the Wealth at the Well retreat 
where we will prime you to create a new wealth and well-being story and equip you with a path to gracefully execute it.

You've been working hard, mothering hard, networking hard, 
loving others hard and your cup is almost empty.
Come for a refill. Come get Wealth at the Well.
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